73330 Potable Aqua Germicidal Tablets 50 Tablets (Retail Blister Card)

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This is the same Potable Aqua we have been selling for 10 years. However due to FDA regulations we can no longer sell the bulk form of this product UNLESS it is being put in kits. If you want to purchase the WA33 Bulk for kits you are building you will be asked to sign a release form (one time) and we will keep it on file. Product Details: – Iodine based (no chlorine) – 2 tablets per 1 quart of water – Ready to use in 30 minutes – Makes 25 quarts.

While items 301 and 305, Potable Aqua Germicidal Tablets, are an EPA registered product that does not require an expiration date, we do a have a recommend shelf life of four to five years. This product should be stored as per label requirements in a cool, dry place and if you have any concerns, you should buy a new bottle. If the Iodine tablets are grayish/brown in color, they are good and tablets yellowish/green should be replaced.

Bottles that have been opened should be replaced after one year or by the next season.

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